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Choudwar, Cuttack (10 km by road, 5 km by water), Choudwar, is a growing industrial area. It was once the capital of Somakuli Keshari Kings of Orissa. Eight prominent Siva pithas were established by the Keshari dynasty in the vicinity of Choudwar which is now in ruins. Tradition records that it was the capital of Virat, the brother-in-law of Kichaka. The five Pandava brothers (from Mahabharata) with their common wife Draupadi took shelter in Choudwar in their secret exile.

Chhatia, Cuttack (30 km): Popularly known as Chhatiabata, Chhatia is a sacred place of Temples. The shrine of Lord Jagannath at Chhatia is a modern piece of Orissan temple architecture. Nearby one can find the archaeological remains of Amaravati-Kataka, one of the five important forts of Chodaganga Deva. Amaravati with the backdrop of the hill "Dhania" presents an attractive sight.

Naraj, Cuttack (15 km) A picturesque scenic spot, Naraj was a famous seat for Buddhist culture and learning. The scenic view of the river Mahanadi at the origin of its branch Kathajodi is simply bewitching.

Chandikhol, Cuttack (40 km) Chandikhol in the lap of thickly wooded hills and by the side of a perennial stream is an extremely ideal picnic spot. The Ashram of Baba Bhairavananda is an added attraction of the place. Adjacent to Chandikhol, Mahavinayak enshrines the five god heads in one Lingam. It is a place of worship for Ganapati.

Dhabaleswar, Cuttack (35 km) A small island in the Mahanadi, the temple of Dhabaleswar is situated on a hillock. Though a new structure, sculptures of 10 / 11th century A.D. are found in the temple premises.

Niali, Madhava, Cuttack (47 km) Niali is famous for the shrine of Sovaneswar. There is an archaeological sculpture shed here. 8 km from Niali is Madhava, a small village where is enshrined the lovely image of Madhava. It is also a beautiful picnic spot.

Bhattarika, Cuttack (108 km) This place is famous for the shrine of goddess Bhattarika, often crowded by pilgrims and picnickers.

Ansupa, Cuttack (70 km) Ansupa, the small but picturesque lake holds a prominent position in the tourist map of Orissa and offers an asylum to the migratory birds in winter. The play of the shadow of Saranda mountain and surrounding bamboo and mango groves on the rippling waters of Ansupa make it a real thing of beauty. One can have a boat journey or go for fishing in the lake. Ansupa is 70 km from Cuttack and 20 km from Raja-Athagarh station, connected with regular bus service.

Kendrapara, Cuttack (65 km) Known as "Tulasi Kshetra", Kendrapara is famous for the temple of Lord Baladeva. A grand car festival is held here annually which draws a mammoth crowd.

Jajpur, Orissa (92 km) Otherwise known as Vaitarani Tirtha, Jajpur with Goddess Viraja (Durga) as its presiding deity is one of the sacred places of Temples in Orissa. The place has its unique importance in India as Navigaya Kshetra where pinda is offered for the satisfaction of the ancestors. The shrine of Sweta Varaha (the white boar incarnation of Vishnu) along with hundreds of other shrines here made Jajpur a Tirtha par excellence. The "Dasasvamedha Ghat", the flight of steps leading to the Vaitarani where the ten horse sacrifices were performed is a great sanctified spot for the Hindus.

Paradeep(94 km) (Famous port) Paradeep, a major sea port of India for trade activities with a fine sea beach and a marine drive is an enjoyable tourist resort attracting large number of visitors from far and wide.

Ratnagiri, Lalitgiri, Udayagiri, Cuttack (55 km - 70 km) These three hills comprise a remarkable buddhist complex. Hieun-T'sang, the Chinese pilgrim found it to be the seat of a flourishing Buddhist University called "Puspagiri". Extensive ruins of brick pagodas, sculptured stone portals and esoteric Buddhist images testifying its ancient glory have been unearthed. Ratnagiri is the gem of this complex. The magnificently carved door jambs of the Vihar (Abode) and superbly finished Buddha images form perhaps the greatest concentration of Buddhist sculpture of the post-Gupta period.

Ratnagiri is 70 km, Lalitgiri is 55 km and Udayagiri is 60 km from Cuttack.

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